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IDC Generator Room AOC, DAC To MPO Connector module application transformation

Date: 2018-10-24 07:14:00From: C-lightOnclick:

    Along with the network, the public, the enterprise puts forward higher requirements on network speed, stable, in order to ensure that meet the needs of the elastic extension, in the whole IDC cloud when the design of the network system to follow the following principles: safety, reliability and fault tolerance, open, standardized, extensibility, practical, advanced, maturity, large capacity, manageability; The construction of IDC data center is also proposed to build a pilot project according to users, considering that there is a large expansion space in the future, and good power supply and network conditions are required.


        Based on the scalability of IDC computer room network structure, the product development of times light network was carried out, and a new construction scheme was proposed for the network upgrade between the core area and the access layer in figure 1. MPO line + MPO head light module, LC excuse module USES, must reduce the access layer server upgrade to AOC cable laying problem, improve the room weak wire slot utilization rate and reduce the risk of a late rooms in network construction.


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