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Introduction of passive optical fiber capacity expansion scheme for CPRI common RF digital Interface

Date: 2019-10-18 08:37:15From: C-lightOnclick:

CPRI is a standard on commonly used wireless connectors agreed by RUU and BBU manufacturers who are committed to the control center of wireless devices within the wireless base station (REC) and wireless devices(RE). Figure 1 is a commonly used base station that supports 3G,6G and 10G SFP modules.

Figure 1: Optical Transceiver Base Station

With the view to address the shortage of optical fibers facing operators, and based on customers’ needs, C-LIGHT has developed a passive optical optical network expansion solution that supports 12*10G through a single fiber. All C-LIGHT transceivers support digital diagnostic monitoring(DDM),ensuring that transmitting power, overload point ,receiving power, and operating temperatures are monitored when working in original systems (such as OLT,MPLS,MSAP etc.). C-LIGHT modules can be put in two categories: 10km,20km,40km, according to their reaches. 1.25G,2.5G,10G modules ,according to their data rates.

Figure 2: passive optical fiber expansion and optical transceiver networking