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                    Quality Commitment 



                    To ensure fine product quality, rights and interests of both parties, C-LIGHT assure you of the following:

                    1. C-LIGHT provides production license with official seal, business license copy or scanning.

                    2. C-LIGHT offers documents on product standard in copies or electronic formats.

                    3. C-LIGHT ensures that all supplied products are brand new and conform to quality standards. C-LIGHT takes responsibilities for the quality of the product and, if necessary, provides buyers with the necessary documents of quality, such as product inspection reports.

                    4. The suppliers' product packaging, registered trademarks must be in conformity of the regulations of the industry and meet customers' requirements.

                    5. Buyer should abide by the conditions of storage and use indicated in the product manuals. If the quality problems are caused by buyers' improper disposal of the products, the buyers shall be held accountable for the loss.

                    If a complaint for inferior quality is filed by the buyer, C-LIGHT must actively cooperate with the buyer and solve the problems properly. If the responsibility lies with the supplier, it must bear all costs.