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10G-PON (also known as XG-PON) is a 2010 computer networking standard for data links, capable of delivering shared Internet access rates up to 10 Gbit/s (gigabits per second) over existing dark fiber. This is the ITU-T's next generation standard following on from G-PON or Gigabit-capable PON. Optical fibre is shared by many subscribers in a network known as FTTx in a way that centralises most of the telecommunications equipment, often displacing copper phone lines that connect premises to the phone exchange. Passive optical network (PON) architecture has become a cost-effective way to meet performance demands in access networks, and sometimes also in large optical local networks for "Fibre-to-the-desk".

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Package Form Part No. Fiber Type Data Rate Range Wavelength Reach Port Case Temperature range DownLoad
OLT XFP CL10GPONOLT1 SMF 10G/1.25G TX1577nm/RX1270nm 20km Simplex SC Com./Ind.  
OLT XFP CL10GPONOLT2 SMF 10G/2.5G TX1577nm/RX1270nm 20km Simplex SC Com./Ind.  
OLT XFP CL10GPONOLT3 SMF 10G/10G TX1577nm/RX1270nm 20km Simplex SC Com./Ind.  
BIDI SFP + CLSFP10GPONONU-A SMF 10G/10G Tx1270/Rx1557nm 20km SC Com./Ind.  
BIDI SFP + CLSFP10GPONONU-B SMF 2.5G/10G Tx1270/Rx1557nm 20km SC Com./Ind.  
BIDI SFP + CLSFP10GPONONU-C SMF 10G/2.5G Tx1270/Rx1557nm 20km SC Com./Ind.  

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