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SOA for 400G 100G LAN WDM & CWDM

SOA for 400G 100G LAN WDM & CWDM

Product introduction:

- 1in 1out to 4in 4out;1270nm~1330nm; - Single wave output saturation power <+8dBm
- Maximum gain of single wave output <15~18dBm; - Single wave input power -20dBm~-10dBm
- Shell size 1U 19"; - Support SNMP Internet management
- Support 48V/110V/220V; Pluggable dual power supply optional

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Part number Specification and Description
CL13SOA151U11 1U, 1310nm(1270~1330nm), 15dB, 1in 1out, WEB, RS232
CL13SOA151U22 1U, 1310nm(1270~1330nm), 15dB, 2in 2out, WEB, RS232
CL13SOA151U44 1U, 1310nm(1270~1330nm), 15dB, 4in 4out, WEB, RS232
CL13SOA181U11 1U, 1310nm(1270~1330nm), 18dB, 1in 1out, WEB, RS232
CL13SOA181U22 1U, 1310nm(1270~1330nm), 18dB, 2in 2out, WEB, RS232 
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