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Copper SFP
Product introduction:

C-light10G, 1000BASE-T or 100BASE-T or 10/100/1000BASE-T Autonegotiation can be installed into optical SFP slots enabling an optical Ethernet port to be converted into a copper Ethernet port either in the field or in production. RJ45 Transceivers are compatible with Gigabit Ethernet and 1000BASE-T standards.

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Package Form Part No. Fiber Type Data Rate Range Wavelength Reach Port Case Temperature range DownLoad
SFP CLSFP15TX   100M   100m RJ45 Com./Ind.  
SFP CLSFPGETX2   10/100/1000M   100m RJ45 Com./Ind.  
SFP CLSFPGETX1   1000M   100m RJ45 Com./Ind.  

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