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Product introduction:

C-LIGHT BID(bi-directional) 10G XFP modules operate on a single strand of standard SMF by using 1330(1270nm)DFB transmitter and 1270(1330) nm receiver.The distance is from 10Km up to 80Km.

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Package Form Part No. Fiber Type Data Rate Range Wavelength Reach Port Case Temperature range DownLoad
BiDi XFP CLXFP10GBDXXXXB10 SMF 9.95-11.1G CWDM 10dB LC Com./Ind.  
BiDi XFP CLXFP10GBDXXXXB16 SMF 9.95-11.1G CWDM 16dB LC Com./Ind.  
BiDi XFP CLXFP10GBDXXXXB23 SMF 9.95-11.1G CWDM 23dB LC Com./Ind.  
BiDi XFP CLXFP10GBD2702D SMF 9.95-11.1G 1270nm/1330nm 2km LC Com./Ind.  
BiDi XFP CLXFP10GBD3302D SMF 9.95-11.1G 1330nm/1270nm 2km LC Com./Ind.  
BiDi XFP CLXFP10GBD2710D SMF 9.95-11.1G 1270nm/1330nm 10km LC Com./Ind.  
BiDi XFP CLXFP10GBD3310D SMF 9.95-11.1G 1330nm/1270nm 10km LC Com./Ind.  
BiDi XFP CLXFP10GBD2720D SMF 9.95-11.1G 1270nm/1330nm 20km LC Com./Ind.  
BiDi XFP CLXFP10GBD3320D SMF 9.95-11.1G 1330nm/1270nm 20km LC Com./Ind.  
BiDi XFP CLXFP10GBD2740D SMF 9.95-11.1G 1270nm/1330nm 40km LC Com./Ind.  
BiDi XFP CLXFP10GBD3340D SMF 9.95-11.1G 1330nm/1270nm 40km LC Com./Ind.  
BiDi XFP CLXFP10GBD2760D SMF 9.95-11.1G 1270nm/1330nm 60km LC Com./Ind.  
BiDi XFP CLXFP10GBD3360D SMF 9.95-11.1G 1330nm/1270nm 60km LC Com./Ind.  
XFP CLXFP10GBD4580D SMF 9.95-11.1G 1490nm/1550nm 80km LC Com./Ind.  
XFP CLXFP10GBD5480D SMF 9.95-11.1G 1550nm/1490nm 80km LC Com./Ind.  

  • 10-Gigabit Ethernet
  • 10G Fibre Channel
  • SONET/SDH OC-192/STM-64
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