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40GBASE QSFP | C-Light


Product introduction:

C-LIGHT 40GBASE QSFP (Quad Small Form-Factor Pluggable) is a new Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) of high-density and low-power 40 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity options for data center, high-performance computing networks, enterprise core and distribution

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Package Form Part No. Fiber Type Data Rate Range Wavelength Reach Port Case Temperature range DownLoad
QSFP+ CLQSFP40GSR420 MMF 40G 850nm 20m MPO Com./Ind.  
QSFP+ CLQSFP40GSR4100 MMF 40G 850nm 100m MPO Com./Ind.  
QSFP+ CLQSFP40GSR4300 MMF 40G 850nm 300m MPO Com./Ind.  
QSFP+ CLQSFP40GLR4 SMF 40G CWDM 10km LC Com./Ind.  
QSFP+ CLQSFP40GLR4-20 SMF 40G CWDM 20km LC Com./Ind.  
QSFP+ CLQSFP40GLR4-35 SMF 40G CWDM 35km LC Com./Ind.  
QSFP+ CLQSFP40GER4 SMF 40G CWDM 40km LC Com./Ind.  
  • 40GBASE-SR4 Ethernet
  • 4x10GBASE-SR Ethernet
  • OTN OTU3/OTU3e2
  • InfiniBand 4x SDR/DDR/QDR
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