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Cross-era and reputable optical modules made C-light become CIOE star exhibitor

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On September 4th, the 21st CIOE China Optical Expo was held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. As a comprehensive exhibition of optoelectronic industry with great scale and influence, CIOE China Optical Expo covers optical communication, data center, laser, infrared and precision optical lens. And module, machine vision, photoelectric sensing, optoelectronic innovation, military-civilian integration and other industrial chain sections.
As an important part of the 5G industry chain, the Expo has attracted more than 2,000 exhibitors from more than 30 countries and regions domestic and abroad. More than 4,000 exhibiting brands have come to the exhibition, and more than 70,000 professionals have explored the future of optoelectronics.
At the exhibition site, C-light was attracting because of the industry's reputable 5G pre-transmission industrial-grade tunable optical module and a leading 5G pre-transmission 10G industrial-grade color scheme.

Optical module products stunning appearance across the era 
It is understood that this is not the first time that C-light attended the Expo. Mr. Lee, Chairman of C-light Network, Haisen, Vice Chairman of Domestic sales, Angela, General Manager of export, and Xuming, account manager, led the team to the exhibition, which shows that C-light appreciated it.

In fact, as 5G commercialization is imminent, the scale of 5G investment is accelerating, and China Mobile has announced that it will double the purchase of optical modules at the Expo. As an important part of the 5G era, companies in the field of optoelectronics hope to show their talents and gain attention at the Expo.
From the feedback from the scene, C-light has indeed become a star in the museum. The industry's reputable 5G pre-transmission industrial-grade tunable optical module and a leading 5G pre-transmission 10G industrial-grade color scheme have attracted the attention of the industry, attracting on-site visitors to stop and inquiry.
“It can be said to have trans-age significance.” James introduced the reputable 5G pre-transmission industrial-grade tunable optical module for the on-site visitors.

In addition to these star products, C-light has brought four major 5G pre-transmission scenarios, 5G intermediate transmission backhaul scenarios, core device packaging, and data center high-speed interconnection scenarios in the 4321-22-31-32 booth of the optical communication core exhibition area. Related products and solutions. At the same time, it also displays new optical cables and optical jump products of the traditional 25G gray light series and some 5G applications.
With rich usage scenarios and solutions, and leading peer-to-peer products, C-light's entire industrial chain layout in the field of optical communication has attracted a large number of on-site exhibitors to watch and inquire, and the front of the booth is like a weaving. Traffic is responsible.
The technological innovation of optical signal connection in the 5G era has attracted attention
As an innovator of signal connection technology, the field of optical communication has always been the core business area of C-light. The innovative products brought by this time are breaking the traditional path and attracting attention from the industry and media.
It is reported that this optical module is low cost, less product code, fewer spare parts based on the comprehensive summary of the traditional light module product coding, complex implementation of the program, difficult troubleshooting, etc. The optical module products with simple maintenance realize the optical module which has the significance of the times.
Another 10G industrial-grade color module also sparked heated discussions among exhibitors and the media. According to industry insiders, only a few companies can provide industrial-grade color, and most of them are not professional enough. The introduction of this solution can aggregate the demand and achieve the first-class leading level in the 5G pre-transmission scenario. engineering implementation of traditional solution is complicated, and the number of core fibers is increased by 200-300%. Due to the large amount of use, it is expected to directly reduce the investment cost in optical transmission.
“C-light focuses on 5G and IoT. Through in-depth customers, deep into the front line and deep understanding of market demand, we are going to be the innovator of signal connection technology. In the 5G era, we must become the leader of technological innovation in the field of optical connection. ".
In an interview with CCTV, James said that C-light focused on 5G and IoT. With the strategic investment and product management research and development in recent years, C-light has enriched the industrial chain layout in the field of optical connection, realizing optical modules and other range of optical product systems cover.

In this regard, a practitioner who has been tracking and monitoring C-light for many years said that C-light has always been positioned to become a leading company in the field of signal connection, and has always been a respected enterprise in the industry. The stunning appearance also shows that C-light still leads in the field of signal coupling technology. With the high requirements for the development of signal connection technology, C-light is expected to splicing deep research and development strength to achieve leapfrog development in the 5G era.
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