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C-Light Annual Team-building Activity - Guangzhou Chimelong Happy World

Date:2018-11-14 15:25 From:C-Light Onclick:
On November 9th, C-Light organized the R&D, production, personnel, and administrative departments to go to Guangzhou Chimelong Happy World for a one-day group building event to experience the world's most fun and exciting rides.

Vertical roller coaster
The vertical roller coaster is more than 80 meters high (equivalent to 28 floors). When the roller coaster rises to the top, it will let you look down the scenery first, then go straight if you are not ready. The speed is amazing, you are already waiting for your reaction, people have rushed to the bottom.


Ten Ring Roller Coaster

Although it is not as tall as a vertical roller coaster, it has ten rings. That is to say, if you take a roller coaster ride, it will take you around ten rings. The speed is amazing, so you can't open your eyes, your head almost touches the ground. The degree of stimulation cannot be described in words.

In addition to playing those games, don't forget to enjoy the environment inside Chimelong during the walking process, like a fairy tale paradise, let people linger.

The group building activities promoted communication between different departments, further enhanced team cohesion, promoted the steady construction of corporate culture, delighted employees' mood, and encouraged everyone's fighting spirit, which played a positive role in further enhancing team cohesion. 
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