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C-light's CWDM optical modules passed test for Korean 5G market

Date:2019-09-01 11:17 From:C-Light Onclick:
Recently, C-light has cooperated with Korean 5G client to conduct transmission tests of 1.25G CWDM optical modules. The established goal has been successfully reached. This test marks beginning of new commercialization of C-light's CWDM SFP optical modules and may develop into a milestone in C-light's technology development.

CWDM optical communication has always been high standard of optical communication technologies. With vision of optical interconnect design manufacturer, C-light already has invested in development of CWDM optical modules early, and made strategic partnerships in communication market widely, to optimize and innovate in economical design and signal modulation models. The currently optimized algorithm model supports long-haul transmission up to 120 km.

To better launch commercial applications, C-light recently conduct test on the DDMI optical transceiver modules for related customer of Korea 5G market, achieving satisfied results in terms of compatibility, visual inspection and transmission performance. The test has also fully demonstrated superior performance of the currently adopted LC optical interface and DDM.

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"DFB (Distributed Feedback Laser) and APD (Avalanche Photo Diode) make the performance excellent for our optical transceiver modules. Development of C-light's CWDM optical modules is dawn of optical module industry in Asia. Now, C-light has reached high standard of industry technology, relied on its perseverance and firm belief. I believe that this news can courage people to keep confident under tough situations!" Said James, marketing executive of C-light.
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