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Compatibility of optical modules

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People who buy optical modules often know that fiber-optic modules usually need to confirm compatible codes, because there are two kinds of products currently available on the market, one is a high-performance compatible module, and the other is a brand-name optical module of the original switch. The price gap between the two is large. Let’s take a look at the following. 

First of all, in fact, the optical module manufacturers are the same. There are several optical module manufacturers in the whole system, such as Finisar, Avago... No matter whether it is a brand or a third-party manufacturer, all the optical modules are manufactured by the specialized optical module manufacturers (also known as the OEM factories) according to protocols and standards in the market. Otherwise they will not be accepted by the market, and will be directly eliminated, because the OEMs modules produced are the same as those sold to other brands. 

Taking the dual-fiber SFP+ 10km as an example, the original factory cost of the factory is about 80 yuan, after the label is attached, due to brand effect, dealers and agents, when delivered to the hands of customers, price is many times of the ex-factory price. if customers purchase directly from the factory, they could save much of the cost. 

Although the price of branded optical modules is expensive, there are also some innovative improvements in the technical aspects of the standardized components, such as changing the link setup sequence, verifying the legal components with encryption keys, and strengthening and specializing in / Non-standard parts link detection scheme, and whitelisting in the network operating system, so that their own switches only accept their own optical modules, so that users can only choose their supporting products. 

However, third-party module vendors can pass Module analysis, independent decoding and writing code. An OEM code to the module is basically only one or a few. Excellent compatible module vendors can master the code of multiple OEMs at the same time, provide multiple OEM compatible modules. This makes it easy and convenient for customers to purchase and install. But the cost has not increased much. 

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