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3G-SDI VIDEO SFP Optical Transceiver Module Solutions

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The application field of HD-SDI optical transceiver has high requirements on picture quality, and none of problems such as splash screen, black screen and blue screen are allowed. However, many 3G-SDI video products on the market cannot pass the SDI morbid code test. Why is this happening?

1. The HD-SDI optical transceiver solution adopted is immature or has design flaws.
2. The lack of HD-SDI optical transceiver dedicated Video SFP optical module, resulting in a large number of errors when the transmission rate is irregular.

How to avoid this phenomenon, guarantee the highest resolution? In high-definition digital video, in order to facilitate the long-distance transmission of digital signals, the parallel data is exchanged for serial data, and is transmitted to the receiving end through the optical fiber using the video SFP optical module.
Why should I choose a 3G-SDI VIDEO SFP optical module? It can meet the needs of high-quality long-distance video signal transmission, and meets the morbid conditions of transmitting SD-SDI (270Mbps), HD-SDI (1.85G), 3G-SDI (2.97G) three-speed optical signals and simultaneously supporting 3G-SDI morbid frame signal. The figure below is a comparison table of SDI working rate and resolution.

SDI working rate and resolution

3G-SDI VIDEO is a 3Gbps enhanced small form factor pluggable SFP+ transceiver that complies with SFP multi-source protocol and SFF-8472 protocol, and is compatible with 3G LTE and FC LW. It is suitable for single mode fiber (SMF) communications in 3G LTE and Fibre Channel. The specific parameters are as follows:

3G-SDI VIDEO SFP Module Parameters

Application solutions:
The No.1:3G-SDI SFP transmitter and 3G-SDI SFP receiver are used with simplex single-mode patch cords. The 3G-SDI SFP transmitter is used to transmit optical signals, and the 3G-SDI SFP receiver is used to receive optical signals (as shown below). This solution is the basic application of 3G-SDI SFP optical modules in HD video transmission.
3G-SDI VIDEO SFP simplex single-mode patch cords
The No.2:3G-SDI SFP optical module is used with the LC duplex single mode patch cords. The 3G-SDI SFP optical module is used to transmit and receive optical signals (as shown below).
3G-SDI VIDEO SFP duplex single mode patch cords
The 3G-SDI signal can reach 55 meters on high-quality copper cables, while the transmission of 6G-SDI and 12G-SDI on copper cables is greatly limited, usually within 10 meters, and copper transmission is easy to external electromagnetic interference. If the high-speed baseband signal is photoelectrically converted, it can be very well solved by optical cable transmission. At present, there is a general-purpose 3G-SDI video optical module in the city, which can transmit distances of up to 40 KM km in single-mode optical fiber. With 3G-SDI optical transceiver, it can be very Easy to solve long distance transmission problems. At the same time, there are many types of optical modules, which support the CWDM band. By wavelength division multiplexing on a single fiber, the fiber resources are greatly saved.

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