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How can data centers achieve sustainable development?

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In the information age, data is constantly exploding, affecting all walks of life. Data centers as information carriers are becoming more and more popular among enterprises. The construction of data centers will have a major impact on the future development of data informatization.

What will be the ultimate goal of future data center development?
The ultimate goal of data center development is to simplify and simplify the operation and management, so that the cost of operation and maintenance will not be significantly improved or even reduced with the expansion of the data center. This will better enable the data center to take a green and sustainable path.

How does the data center come out of a sustainable path? The most fundamental approach is to completely remove people from the data center to achieve a truly unattended self-made system. With the controller as the axis, the data center can self-manage and run itself. At present, in the face of rising demand for data centers, the following practices can be pursued:

1. Starting from the design of the data center, by increasing the power supply density of the cabinet, each cabinet can be deployed with as many devices as possible, and the cables can be properly routed to make the lines neat and orderly, which can effectively solve the problem of space occupation and management. Achieve higher operational efficiency in the data center.

2. Higher density. Deploying more fiber is certainly the best solution, but the reality is not always allowed. The most effective solution is to deploy high-density fiber from the beginning, enabling machine-to-machine communication to be implemented quickly. Therefore, a modular high-speed platform that supports multiple generations of equipment is the best choice.

3. Low latency. Data centers don't just play the role of data storage, today's data centers need to calculate, analyze, and process information in real time. IDC listed "modernization" in the data center as one of the key predictions, "predictive analysis will be used extensively to improve accuracy and reduce downtime."

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4. A higher demand rate. Traffic is the most important driver of the network. The large amount and concentration of traffic brings greater demand and higher performance requirements for high-rate optical modules, and thus promotes the replacement of optical modules.

5. Reduce costs. Costs include not only optical modules, fiber optic cables, electricity, etc., but also by reducing module power consumption and cost. Energy conservation and consumption reduction are not only related to the operating costs of the data center, but also related to the improvement of the climate environment and carbon emissions. At the same time, the optical communication market is quite mature. End-users have more choices when choosing a supplier, and no longer need to spend money to buy expensive products directly from system suppliers.

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