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What is the copper transceiver module?

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Optical modules are widely used in switch/WDM systems when building data center networks that are classified into different types according to the package form and rate. Among them, the copper transceiver module is one of them. However, many people are not familiar with it. C-light will take you to learn about the copper transceiver module.

What is the copper transceiver module?

The copper transceiver module is also called the photoelectric conversion module and optical port conversion module. It is a hot-pluggable module. The package type is SFP and SFP+. The connector types are RJ45. It is mainly used for short-distance data transmission with a transmission distance of 10-30m or 80-100m.


Copper transceiver module vs optical module

1. Different components: The components of them are different, especially the copper transceiver module does not have the core component of the optical module - the laser.

2. The interface is different: The interface of the copper transceiver  module is RJ45, and the interface of the optical module is mainly LC duplex, and there are also LC simplex and MTP/MPO interfaces.

3. Different combinations: The copper transceiver  module is usually used with five, six, super six or seven types of network cables, and the optical modules are generally connected to the light jumpers.

4. Different parameters: The copper transceiver  module has no wavelength, but the optical module does.

Why choose an copper transceiver module?

1. Comply with SFP MSA and IEEE Std 802.3-2002 standards;

2. The copper transceiver module compensates for the shortage of SFP+ high-speed cable transmission distance;

3. It features low power consumption, high performance and compact design.

4. Using a copper cabling system to achieve data transmission at a rate of 10G, comparing to SFP+ optical modules, which you need to use fiber optic cables for wiring, reduces cost pressure.

Classification and description
The copper transceiver  module can be divided into an SFP/ SFP+ COPPER RJ45, and a GBIC copper transceiver module according to different package types.

1. SFP COPPER RJ45: According to different transmission rates, it can be divided into 100M /10 Gigabit / adaptive copper transceiver modules. The CLSFPGETX2 module integrates 10/100/1000M three rates into a Gigabit optical module on a CMOS chip for high-speed Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet.



2. SFP+ COPPER RJ45: Also known as 10G copper transceiver module, the speed is 10G. It is designed for high-speed communication links and is mainly used in 10 Gigabit Ethernet. It consumes less power and can be used in SFP+ ports on switches or network cards to connect to network devices with RJ45 interfaces.



Connection scheme of the copper transceiver module

transceiver modules

The copper transceiver is an optical module with low power consumption and an RJ45 interface.In C-LIGHT, a wide range of stable modules are available, including 100M /10 Gigabit / adaptive copper transceiver modules. You can also choose OEM customization based on your actual application and needs.

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