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What is CSFP and what are the advantages of CSFP compared to ordinary SFP?

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CSFP (compact SFP), as its name suggests, is a more integrated SFP optical module. Comparing to normal SFP, our CSFP is housing in a MSA standard package,  but engaging the hardware and software system of two sets of common SFP optical modules designed by using double BOSA. The hardware and software of the two optical modules can work simultaneously in a device optical port that supports the CSFP protocol standard. Therefore, a CSFP module has the working capability of two SFP modules, but only occupies the optical port resources of one SFP optical module.

 Why is there a market demand for CSFP products? The reason is mainly that compared with the ordinary SFP optical module, the CSFP can double the density of the network wiring optical port under the same rack panel area, and alleviate the demand for the size of the rack panel in the Ethernet and IDC equipment room.
Which brands of devices  can C-LIGHT’s CSFP be compatible with? For the market demand, Cisco, Huawei, Nokia (Alcatel-Lucent) and other first-line companies have introduced the Cisco WS-C4503-E, Huawei S5700-52X-LI-48CS-AC, Nokia 3HE10642AA 7750SR and other CSFP switches and routers.It has been verified that C-LIGHT’s CSFP optical module can be used normally in the above series of devices.

1.CSFP running verification videos

2. Click here to view the CSFP running verification document.

What are the features of C-LIGHT’S CSFP module?

1) complete varieties.
At present, the company has launched a full range of CSFP optical modules for Gigabit GE 10km to 80km 1310nm/1490nm/1510nm/1550nm/1570nm CWDM for industrial/commercial applications. And in 2018, the new 10G CSFP series optical module will be launched. For details, please contact us

2) Low Power Consumption.
The measured power consumption of the CSFP optical module in the industrial full temperature range is -40°C to 50°C <1W, 50°C to 85°C <1.1W

3) Interoperability.
The optical CSFP optical module realizes the perfect compatibility of application on a variety of Cisco, Huawei, Nokia and other branded devices. No need to change modules and upgrade.

4) Cost-effective.
Compared with various brands of CSFP optical modules (34050525/GLC-28X-D), Chosing our CSFP optical module will help reduce 30~50% cost.

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