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How does 5G change the world?

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The 5G speed is 100 times faster than 4G, the maximum network speed reaches 10Gbps. The network delay is shortened to one millisecond, and the network connection of 100 billion users is satisfied. These figures seem to be beautiful. For ordinary people, 5G vs. 4G is only faster. Now that 4G network speed is enough, how does 5G technology bring us ordinary life?
1.Extremely high rate.
According to the 5G test conducted by Shandong Unicom on April 18th, a high-definition movie can be downloaded in 1 second. The 30G Blu-ray movie only needs 18.75 seconds. The 5G technology speed is ten times faster than 4G. It can be said that it is still The download is complete when you are not ready.
The improvement of the speed of the network For our daily life, the biggest change is that the cloud computing system will truly enter our lives, and the fixed hard disk will become a tool for temporarily storing files. Thanks to the extremely high speed, 3D video, 4K or even 8K video can realize real-time playback in the cloud. The future video and audio will also evolve from 720P to 2K, 4K or even 8K Ultra HD mode.
2.Great capacity.
Have you ever experienced a cell phone signal in a scenic spot, but can't send a message to a friend? Have you ever send blessing at 00.00 on the New Year's Eve, but have waited until 0:10 for the other party to receive the message? In the intelligent age of the future, once there are too many connections, the Internet of Things world without Internet support will be completely paralyzed. These are the reasons why 5G needs to increase user capacity.
3.Very low latency.
For the moment, the decline of network delay will directly change our life. In the 4G era, the network delay has entered the 100ms pace. We can realize real-time webcasting and real-time confrontational gaming experience in mobile phones. In the 5G era, network latency will be reduced to 1MS, which will truly revolutionize our lives, remote operations, driverless, cloud computing information feedback, and these technologies will become a reality.


The response speed of the human brain is only 0.03 seconds at the fastest. The delay of 5G communication 1MS is completely real-time synchronized with the brain. With the support of 5G technology, the high-precision operation of remote operation using the 5G network becomes a reality, which greatly saves the most precious time in medical resources. The 5G technology also makes the real driving, cloud computing, and other fields truly come into people's lives. With only 1MS network delay, automatic driving does not have to rely on sensors for intelligent identification and can upload information to the cloud through sensors. Cloud computing passes the correct instructions to the device, and all of this will take less time than the human brain's reaction time of 0.03 seconds.
In the future, the device itself does not need computing power. Just like cloud graphics service, all information processing can be handed over to the cloud computing system. To complete, the offline device is responsible for executing specific instructions.Before Android and IOS, people felt that Saipan was already the best mobile phone system in the world. Before 4G was born, people thought that 3G's network speed was enough. The most terrible weakness of mankind is to satisfy the status quo.5G technology is an unprecedented leap that the network can surpass the speed of human thinking.
The 5G optical transceiver will occupy a more important position in the entire market, and 5G will become the next hotspot in the development of the optical industry. By taking full advantage of the preparations and prospects for the future construction of 5G, C-light adapts professional technology, advanced research and development capabilities, and stable manufacturing capacity to grab a larger market share.

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