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Cisco SFP-25G-SR-S compatible transceiver module

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C-light SFP28 Test report

Basic Parameters Package Rate Transmission Mode Wavelength Connector DDM
SFP28 25G MMF 850nm LC OK
Test Item SN Power(dBm) Sensibility(dBm) Threshold Detection 70M Real Fiber Optical Test Eye Diagram  Evaluation
CLSFP2825GSR 1 1.60 -8.98 OK OK OK OK
2 1.54 -9.01 OK OK OK OK
3 1.31 -9.15 OK OK OK OK
4 1.77 -8.88 OK OK OK OK

SFP28 SFP28 SR Specification

C-light Main products
1. CWDM SFP28 in reach 10km. There are 25G with wavelength at 1270, 1290, 1310, 1330, 1350 & 1370nm, 10-16G in 1270-1610nm. In 10G, there are also XFP modules. 
2. SFP+ and SFP in 1&2.5G. These are available at industrial grade(-40°C~80°C) with wavelength drifting<6.5nm. 
3. DWDM SFP+ with reach 10-100km.
4. Bidi CWDM products in 1270-1610nm. using cycling technology, the wavelength can be equal from transceiver and receiver to obtain 16 channel optimization. This can save 50% fiber resource. A more economical technology is using filter to obtain 8 channel optimization. 

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