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PON: Promising Technology for Optical Communication Network

Date: 2019-09-10 14:09 From: C-Light Onclick:
Passive optical network (PON) is telecommunications technique to provide fiber to the end users. PON's distinguishing feature is that it uses point-to-multipoint structure where unpowered fiber optic splitters are for enabling single optical fiber to serve multiple end-points. PON breaks through traditional point-to-point solution, eliminates the active equipment between the client and the office. Therefore it saves resource, simple for maintenance in high reliability. PON becomes economical technology for broadband as main solution of FTTH in the future.
There are 3 types of PON protocol: 1. APON/BPON, the communication platform is ATM. It's  not recognized by the market; 2. EPON/GEPON, the communication platform is Ethernet. It is fast applied in the market; 3. GPON, the communication platform is ATM and GEM. Few factories support.
PON consists of OLT (optical line terminal) and ONU (optical network unit).
Optical transceiver modules of EPON are in difference reach. PX20 can reaches 20km in splitting ratio 1:16. PX20+ can reaches 20km in 1:32. While PX20++ can reaches 30km.
Optical transceiver modules
In a data center, the transmitter transfers electric signal into optical. After fiber transmission, the receiver transfers back to electric one. Necessary equipment to realize this function are optical transceiver modules. Now there are 3 kinds of popular transceiver modules on the market: Original, compatible and used ones. Original modules with machines, usually as Huawei, Cisco or Alactel, are in very high price.
Founded in March 2011 with registered capital of 100 million, Shenzhen C-Light Network Communication Co.,Ltd. is an emerging technology company devoted to the development, production and sales of high-end optical transmission modules .
C-light has obtained various certifications 0f ISO9001, RoHS, TUV, CE, and FCC. End-user customers include international prominent operators, such as AT&T, TELUS, MTC, etc.
C-light has series to support PON, such as EPON OLT PX20++ in mean launched power 5-8 dBm.
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