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Difference SFP-10G-SR VS SFP-10G-LR

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SFP-10G-LR and SFP-10G-SR are very common optical module models, and are produced by major manufacturers such as Cisco and Huawei. Both of these are hot-pluggable and are packaged in SFP+ format, so they can be plugged into the SFP+ port of the switch/router. There may be differences in the design of the label location and interface due to different manufacturers. However, the basic components are consistent.

What is SFP-10G-LR?
SFP (Small Form-factor Pluggables) is the most popular optical module on the market. It is an upgraded version of the early GBIC module, which is smaller and more integrated than the GBIC fiber module.
10G-SR and 10G-LR are two different 10 Gigabit Ethernet specifications. LR refers to "Long Range", which supports long-wave (1310 nm) single-mode fiber (SMF) with a 64B/66B encoding. The effective transmission distance is 2m~10km, which can reach 25km.
SFP-10G-LR optical module features: miniaturization, low power consumption, and long transmission distance.

What is SFP-10G-SR?
The SR in 10G-SR stands for "short range", which supports short-wavelength (850nm) multimode fiber (MMF) with 64B/66B encoding. Its effective transmission distance is 2 ~ 300m. If you want to reach 300m transmission, you need to use an optimized 50μm OM3 (Optimized Multimode 3) fiber.
Features of the SFP-10G-SR optical module: high density, low cost, low power consumption, etc.

SFP-10G-LR vs  SFP-10G-SR
1. Transmission distance.

Transmission distance

2. Laser.


The most commonly used lasers in the field of optical communication are FP lasers and DFB lasers. Due to the complexity of the manufacturing process and insufficient output power of VCSEL lasers, the application range of DFB lasers is wider than that of VCSEL lasers.

3. Cost budget.
The SFP-10G-LR optical module has a relatively high cost compared to the SFP-10G-SR optical module due to the built-in DFB laser. But the SFP-10G-LR optical module is superior in performance.

4. Compatibility.
The SFP-10G-LR optical module and the SFP-10G-SR optical module that are supplied by optical are stable and 100% compatible with Cisco switches.

Through the above, the difference between the SFP-10G-LR and the SFP-10G-SR optical module is clear. Select the appropriate optical module according to the actual needs of the project. If you need customized requirements, please contact us (C-LIGHT) to provide you with a full range of optical connectivity solutions.

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