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C-LIGHT 1.25G 50GHz DWDM SFP Channel Frequencies & Wavelengths

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With the rapid growth of IP data service on the Internet and the accelerated development of 4G and 5G network construction in the future, the demand for transmission line bandwidth is increasing. How to find low-cost solutions from a variety of alternative schemes to improve the performance of communication systems and increase the bandwidth of the internet system has become the focus of optical modules and device manufacturers' common concern. The 50GHz DWDM optical module (dense wavelength division multiplexing) technology has become the most effective method to solve the line bandwidth expansion. There are 3 types of DWDM optical modules per channel interval as needed: 0.4nm (50Ghz), 0.8nm (100Ghz) and 1.6nm (200Ghz), 100GHz (from C17 to C61, which is the most commonly used and suitable for conventional equipment); 50GHz (from C13 to H60, Suitable for high-channel devices).

C-LIGHT 50GHz DWDM SFP optical modules technology can use up to 96 different wavelengths or data channels to become one stream of light data on a single fiber transmission, so DWDM technology is widely uesd in the backbone of the service provider network.

C-LIGHT 1.25G 50GHz DWDM SFP Channel Frequencies & Wavelengths


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