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  • How to check the quality of compatible optical transceiver modules?

    Others think that third-party optical transceiver can run well, and they are compatible and cost-effective. How to check the quality of compatible optical transceiver modules is an important key. ...


  • Types, advantages and applications of DWDM optical transceiver modules

    The basic functions and working principle of the DWDM optical transceiver are the same as other optical transceiver, which convert electrical signals into optical signals and then convert the optical signals into electrical signals. The DWDM module a ...


  • 10G-PON

    10 Gbps passive optical network (10G-PON) is a next-generation solution following the current-generation GPON and EPON solutions, basically offering higher bandwidth and additional features. ...


  • Integration of organic lasers on a silicon photonic chip

    A novel double-side electroabsorption modulated DFB laser (DS-EML) integrates EAMs at both sides of a single DFB which allows modulating two independent signals from both laser sides. The operation of 2 x 56 Gb/s NRZ data with excellent eyes on a sin ...


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