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  • A variety of Cisco compatible CWDM SFP transceivers

    What is a CWDM SFP optical module? The CWDM SFP optical module is an optical transceiver module that combines CWDM technology. Similar to a traditional SFP, a CWDM SFP optical module is a hot-pluggable input/output device that plugs into a ...


  • What is the BIDI SFP module? Why choose to use BiDi SFP?

    What is the BIDI SFP module? It uses WDM (Wavelength Division Multiplexing) two-way transmission technology to achieve bidirectional transmission in an optical channel simultaneously on one fiber.It has only one port for transmitting and re ...


  • New Product —— C-LIGHT’s 25G/16G SFP28 Optical Module Solution Application

    Data center deployment networks usually need to consider the combined factors of budget and speed, energy saving, etc. The rate of 10G optical modules often fails to meet the network requirements. The price of 40G and 100G optical modules i ...


  • SFP+ vs SFP

    Since the emergence of 1x9 optical modules around 1995, in just a few years, the optical communication market has introduced the GBIC and SFPModule (Small Form-Factor Pluggable) with the hot-pluggable and miniaturization of the MSA SFF8472 ...


  • C-LIGHT Invite You to RIGA COMM 2018

    Name :RIGA COMM2018 Date : Oct11to 12,2018 ADD : Kipsalas nternational Exhibition Centre, Kipsalas iela 8, Riga, Latvia Booth : A12 Introductionof RIGA COMM 2018 RIGA COMM2018will be an unprecedented exhibition and will be located in two ...


  • CWDM vs DWDM & What is the difference between CWDM and DWDM?

    What is WDM? WDM combines a series of information-laden but different wavelengths of light signals into a single beam that travels along a single fiber. Optical wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) is a technique in which two or more opti ...


  • Types, advantages and applications of DWDM optical transceiver modules

    The basic functions and working principle of the DWDM optical transceiver are the same as other optical transceiver, which convert electrical signals into optical signals and then convert the optical signals into electrical signals. The DWD ...


  • What is the CWDM transceiver & What are the CWDM transceiver package types

    What is the CWDM transceiver? The CWDM transceiver is an optical transceiver that uses CWDM technology to implement the connection between the existing network device and the CWDM mux/demux. When used with a CWDM mux/demux, CWDM transceive ...


  • What is CSFP and what are the advantages of CSFP compared to ordinary SFP?

    CSFP (compact SFP), as its name suggests, is a more integrated SFP optical module.Comparingto normalSFP, our CSFP is housing in a MSA standard package, but engaging the hardware and software system of two sets of common SFP optical modules ...


  • 100G QSFP28 optical transceiver data connection solutions

    The transmission of data communication has grown from 40G in previous years to the current 100G, 200G and even 400G. The packaging of optical transceivers has also evolved from the previous GBIC to todays QSFP28 modulethat isproduct of this ...


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